General Research Concept
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  1. Geno-fund: The ongoing activity in collecting and maintaining collections (gene banks) of native species and varieties of wild and cultivated plants, contributes to the preservation of bio-diversity of the region, with the aim of preserving valuable heritage, and represents a starting point in breeding programs. The fundamental activity of the Institute deals with conservation, evaluation and valorization of indigenous geno-fund of grapevine, fruit species (olive, sour cherry marasca, sweet cherry, fig, pomegranate, almond etc.), vegetables and medicinal and aromatic plants.
  2. Karst: Sustainable management of agricultural and forest resources in karst areas includes continuous work on such issue that will protect the most important resources of the Adriatic region, such as flora, fauna, soil, and water.
  3. Production Systems: Development and testing of production technology from conventional to organic in accordance with specific environmental and socioeconomic conditions of the Adriatic region with the aim of highlighting and enhancing competitiveness.
  4. Quality Control: Physico-chemical analysis of wine and other grape and wine products and fruit wines for the purposes of marketing of those products in accordance with the accreditation standards ISO/EC 17025, the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture and EU Regulation. Expert supervision over the production of agricultural planting materials to establish the authenticity of species, rootstock, the purity of the variety and clone, and general development of plant organs.
  5. Transfer of Knowledge: One of the most important determinants is knowledge transfer and education of future generations of scientists that are students and research assistants. Furthermore, the new knowledge as the result of Institute research activities has been continuously transmitted to the final beneficiaries engaged in academic community, agriculture and the economy by giving lectures, organizing workshops, print media, and direct communication.
  6. Economic Development: The majority of activities or scientific research work, the Institute focuses on solving problems in crop production and possibilities of new technologies and products improvement that contribute to the economic potential of the community.
  7. Scientific excellence: The Institute supports scientific research work aimed to solve the problems within its environment by using modern methods and tools, which will carry out new technologies and knowledge recognizable in Croatian and world scientific community.


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