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Doctorate thesis

Master thesis

Davor Bakovic
An addition to the characterization and production of cheese from sheep in Dalmatia - 1965
Ivo Juras
Lithogen-carbonated ground, an addition to the influence of registered substratum, elaboration and erosion of their physiography - 1965
Josip Defilippis
Possibilities for application of different methods in agricultural regional planning in Dalmatia -1971
Dusko Brnetic
Artificial harvesting of Opius concolor SZEPL. wasps and their ability to exterminate the olive flies (Dacus oleae GMEL) in the Dalmatian region - 1973
Aleksandar Vlasic
An addition in researching morphological, cellular and physiological sterility of olives - 1973
Dusan Jedlowski
Venice and Dalmatian forestry from the 15th to the 18th century - 1975
Petar Males
The influence of other grape-stalk foundations on ampelographic characteristics of the Plavac mali (little blue) grape stalks in the Split-Kastela wine growing area - 1977
Bosko Milos
Numerological classification of hydromorphic foundations for the intent of hydro-amelioration - 1987
Stipe Radinovic
Application of production capacity of individual economic systems in Dalmatia - 1988
Vlado Topic
Usability of autochthonous and alochtone forest sorts for afforestation of the sub-Mediterranean rocky terrain of Dalmatia - 1989
Vladimir Pelicaric
Researching the Trichogramm embryophage Htg. (Hymenoptera, Trichogramatidae) potential eradication agent of the olive moth Prays oleae Bern. (Lepidoptera, Hyponomentidae) - 1990
Slavko Perica
The effect of foliar application of nitrogen, potassium and boron on vegetative and generative activities of the olive - 1996.
Visnja Katalinic
The influence of grape cultivar, stage of maturation and mode of vinification on mass amount of some polyphenolic compounds in Vitis vinifera L. cultivars from Dalmatia - 1994
Lovre Bucan
Artichoke (Cynara scolimus L.) cultivars planting in Dalmatia due to vegetative or seed propagation - 1998
Danijela Hartl
Grapevine rejuvenation through in vitro culture - 1998
Katja Zanic
Citrus Whitefly Dialeurodes citri (Ashmead, 1885) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) in Mediterranean Part of Croatia - 1999
Ivan Pezo
Effect number of bud per vine on yield and quality of Medna white cultivar - 2000
Sonja Kacic
Citrus leaf miner, Phyllocnistis citrella (Stainton, 1856) (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae), in Croatian entomophauna - 2001
Smiljana Goreta
Growth and development of endive (Cichorium endivia L.) cultivars in a year around production - 2001
Miro Katalinic
Olive bark beatle, Phloeotribus scarabeoides (Bernard 1788.), (Coleoptera: in mediterranean part of Dalmatia - 2002
Irena Budic-Leto
Influence of Vinification and Vine-Growing Location on Polyphenolic Composition in Babic and Plavac mali Wines - 2003
Frane Strikic
Morphological and genetical variability of the olive’s (Olea europaea L.) cv. Oblica - 2005
Gvozden Dumicic
The effect of nutrient solution concentration and sodium chloride on development and yield of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) in hydroponics - 2009
Katarina Hancevic
Pathogenic potential of monophyletic Citrus tristeza virus isolates - 2009
Mirella Zanetic
The influence of polyphenolic compounds on the characteristics and oxidative stability of virgin olive oils from selected autochtonous varieties - 2009
Goran Zdunic
Genetic and ampelographic characterization of cv. Plavac Mali (Vitis vinifera L.) - 2010
Elda Vitanovic
Arthropoda as bioindicators in the different olive orchard management regimes and plant protection - 2010
Marija Jug-Dujakovic
Genetic and Biochemical Diversity of Dalmatian Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) - 2010
Mira Radunic
Reproductive compatibility of sweet cherry cultivars (Prunus avium L.) - 2010
Gabriela Vuletin Selak
Valuation of effective pollination period in olive (Olea europaea L.) - 2010

Lukrecija Butorac
The role and importance of forest vegetation on karst in protecting soil from erosion - 2011

Kristina Batelja Lodeta
Effects of sodium chloride on physiological processes, morphological characteristics and fruit quality of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus L.) - 2011

Marisa Skaljac
Status Of Bacterial Symbionts Of Three Whitefly Species (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae): Bemisia Tabaci, Trialeurodes Vaporariorum And Siphoninus Phillyreae In Croatia, Montenegro And Selected Areas Of Bosnia And Herzegovina - 2012

Goran Jelic
Effect of container type and field preparation on afforestation success in Mediterranean area - 2012

Igor Paskovic
Mineral content of olive tissues treated with modified zeolites in alkaline soil - 2013

Iva Humar
The influence of partially dried grapes, vinification and maturation on the aroma of dessert wine ProŇ°ek from Plavac mali cv. - 2013

Tatjana Klepo
Genetic diversity of cultivated and wild olives (Olea europaea L.) in Croatia - 2014

Branimir Urlic
Phosphorus use efficiency of leafy kale populations (Brassica oleracea L. var. acephala) in phosphorus deficient soils - 2014

Maja Jukic Spika
Characterization and genetic identification of Oblica and Leccino virgin olive oils from dalmatian olive orchards - 2015

Ante Rako
Effect of Sheep's Milk Composition on Proteolytic and Textural Changes During Ripening of Brac Cheese - 2016

Marin Cagalj
Willingness to pay for differently produced food in Croatia. Influence of quality claims on willingness to pay for organic produced food. Evidence from Experimental Auctions in Croatia - 2016

Ana Mucalo
Determination of phenolic profile of 'Plavac mali' (Vitis vinifera L.) during ripening of the grapes and impact on wine quality - 2017

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