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Doctorate thesis

Master thesis

Petar Males
Agrobiological research of table sort wine stalks and grafting by fertility - University in Zagreb - 1971
Ivanka Frleta-Brnetic
Inhibition of luminous chemiluminescence by pesticides - University in Zagreb - 1971
Vladimir Pelicaric
Artificial growth of entomoparasite Chelonus Eleaphilus Silv. (Braconidae) and its ability to eradicate the olive moth Prays oleae Bern. (Hyponometidae) in ecological conditions of Dalmatia - University of Belgrade ( Agricultural college) - 1975
Nikola Mladar
Researching the oval shaped and field marasca cherry in the Kastela fields - Agricultural college at the University of Zagreb - 1975
Andro Tomic
Researching the rationalization of the filtration process of wine -Agricultural college at the university of Zagreb - 1977
Stipe Radinovic
Research on the capacity of agricultural production in individual economic systems in Dalmatia - Agricultural college - University of Zagreb - 1977
Vlado Topic
The effect of different amelioration measures on the rocky terrain around Sinj - Forestry college - University of Belgrade - 1979
Ljubica Simac
Determination of high alcohol in wine by gas chromatography - University of Zagreb - 1980
Visnja Katalinic
Research of optimal conditions for determining activity of glutamate dehydrogenase in blood serum - University of Zagreb - 1980
Sonja Kacic
Research on applicability of purification principles for the virus causing variegated carafiols - Car. M. V. - College of agricultural sciences at the University of Zagreb - 1980
Svetoslav Perko
Determining the value of visible bait in diagnosing the showing of the cherry fly (Rhagoletis cerasi Linne.) on marasca cherry - The agricultural science college at the University of Zagreb - 1982
Mirko Gugic
Conservation of the green fruit of the domestic olive oblica (rounded olive) - the nutritional-biotechnical college at the university of Zagreb - 1984
Zdravko Skaric
The effects of fertilizing carnations with pine in a carbonated ground and red soil - Agricultural college at the university of Zagreb - 1984
Danijela Hartl
Hormonal regulation of axillary bud development in the culture of Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum x hybrid) - Zagreb - 1985
Marija Jug-Dujakovic
Physiological and genetic factors in the development of carafiols in conditions in vitro - Zagreb - 1985
Lovre Bucan
The influence of type and origin of plantings on crops and the quality of carafiols (Dianthus Chryophillus L.) in a green house - Zagreb - 1989
Ivica Kovacevic
Research of suitable spray for the cherry "Tugarka"in ecological conditions of Poljica - Zagreb - 1989
Ivan Pezo
The influence of treating foundations on some agrobiological an nutritionally-technological characteristics of the Kujundzusa white - Zagreb - 1990
Jozo Rogosic
Confirming the economic value of the most important sorts of in the Eumediterranean region of Central Dalmatia - Zagreb - 1992
Slavko Perica
The influence of summer application of nitrogen and potassium on the growth of buds, development of fruit, chemical composition of the leaf and fruit, and the flowering of the Manzanillo olive - Chania, Greece - 1992
Franka Mlikota
Effectiveness of botryticides on grapevine gray mold (Botrytis cinera Pers. ex Pers) and their influence on must fermentation - University of Zagreb - 1993
Zdenko Bogovic
Research on the problem of inventarization of bio-mass on the evergreen on the island of Brac - The Mediterranean agronomic institute of Chania, Chania - 1993
Katja Zanic
Useful entomofauna of the sub-family Chrysopiane in selected olive farms in Dalmatia - University of Zagreb - 1994
Smiljana Goreta
Variability of tfogir cauliflower ecotypes (Brassica oleraceae var.botrytis) biological and morphological characteristic - 1997
Irena Budic Leto
Phenolic acid of must and wines of cv. Posip and Rukatac - 2000
Tea Kulisic
Observation physical, chemical and microbiological features of pickles in the process of preserving green and black olives of oblica cultivar - 2000
Mirella Zanetic
Characteristics of virgin olive oils from autochthonous varieties Oblica, Levantinka and Lastovka from Middle Dalmatia region - 2003
Jaksa Rosin
Pomological characteristics of very early maturing Satsuma mandarin cultivars in Middle Dalmatia - 2004
Gvozden Dumicic
The effects of gibberellic acid (GA3) on growth and yield of globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) - 2004
Josip Gugic
Economic evaluation of conventional and integrated olive production - 2005
Katarina Hancevic
Citrus tristeza virus elimination from Citrus unshiu Marc. 'Zorica Rana' - 2005
Kristina Batelja
Effects of trifluralin on sprouts of Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) - 2005
Goran Zdunic
Ampelographic and genetic evaluation of autochthonous grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) cultivars in Kastela region - 2005
Elda Vitanovic
Copper, iron and zinc in Dalmatian vineyard soils - 2006
Mia Brkljaca
Determination of metals in olive oil by electrotermal atomic absorption spectrometry - 2007
Gabriela Vuletin Selak
Reproductive compatibility of important olive (Olea europaea L.) cultivars in Dalmatia region - 2007
Lukrecija Butorac
Impact of Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.) forest ecosystems on the protection of soil from erosion - 2007
Stipe Ivic
Influence of Cold Maceration on Chemical and Sensory Properties of Vugava - 2011

Tatjana Klepo
Utilidad de germoplasma silvestre en un programa de mejora de olivo - 2011

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